Indian Reserves under the administration of the Douglas First Nation are:[3]

  • Douglas Indian Reserve No. 8, at the head of Harrison Lake and at the mouth of the Lillooet River, 416.80 ha. 49°45′00″N 122°10′00″W[4]
  • Lelachen Indian Reserve No. 6, on both banks of the Lillooet River, 15.20 ha. (s)lápus is the name in Ucwalmícwts for the fishing camp and Transformer site located at/near the bridge crossing in this reserve. 49°47′14″N 122°13′24″W[5]
  • Tipella Indian Reserve No. 7, on the right bank of the Lillooet River, 0.30 ha. 49°47′00″N 122°13′00″W[6]